Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ward Wyveryn Mk.I - Not your usual cutaway key

This illustration - which can (and needs to be) viewed full size on the artist Edward Ward's own website, here, is a kind of aeronautical equivalent of Simon Patterson's 'The Great Bear'.

 After all few aircraft cutaways have '93 - A shaft of English oak: strong and true' and most aircraft cutaways don't have '21 - Human Leg'; '57 - Device to avoid calamity'; and none I've found have '79 - A sense of loss'.

But what makes it for me is that the aircraft depicted is really credible (rather than as is often the case, artistic but technically inept) and seems like a good-looking aircraft too.

Have a browse on Ted's blog for more, here.  Say I sent you.

(Reproduced acknowledging copyright belongs to Edward Ward, of course.)

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