Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Russian woman Pe-2 Gunner - Aircrew

The latest Aircrew feature in Aeroplane magazine showcases the remarkable female crews of the Russian 125th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment's Petlyakov Pe-2 medium (dive) bombers, particularly the gunners.

Pe-2 crewmembers Ekaterina Batukhina, Mariia Dolina, Praskov'ia Zueva, Alekslandra Votintseva, Olga Sholokhova and Mariia Kirillova. [From Kazarinova, Kratsova & Poliantseva.]

I am currently gathering some supporting material for the article, but in the meantime here's a photograph of some of these exceptional women in front of one of their Pe-2s at a 1945 victory parade.

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