Friday, June 27, 2014

Spitfire R6915 returns to IWM Lambeth

A neat video showcasing one of the most historically-significant surviving Spitfires (Battle of Britain veteran R6915, in original later-war colours and configuration) on the occasion of its return to the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth, UK. I'm delighted to note it's narrated by Andy Robinson, IWM Conservator. Andy's one of the most highly knowledgeable authorities on aircraft conservation I've had the privilege of knowing.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Take 2: LVG C.VI

 After the retirement from active flying of the LVG C.VI in the UK*, the loss of the type from the air is to be replaced shortly by the magnificent work of the French Memorial Flight with the completion and forthcoming flight of their detailed example.  See more on their website, here.

[Images from the Memorial Flight blog.]

*Owned by the RAF Museum, LVG C.VI 71984, C/No 4503, was registered as G-AANJ and operated, flying, for many years by the Shuttleworth Collection, before the RAF Museum requested its return.  It is now stored at Cosford, awaiting restoration.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Australia Aids Coastal Watch" Rare 10 Sqn Sunderland footage

A neat newsreel segment from 1940 of 10 Squadron RAAF Short Sunderland Mk.I flying boats operating from Mount Batten, Plymouth, Devon - though both the unit and location are unnamed in the original film. 

The 'briefing' at the start is risible, but the film is worthwhile for the (brief) segments of natural sound 1940 Australian accents at the start and end.