Friday, February 25, 2011


The RAAF Museum's new display, the 'Strike Hangar' is now open, in time for the local aeronautically interested influx for the forthcoming Avalon Airshow in the area. On show are the museum's General Dynamics F-111G A8-272, 'The Boneyard Wrangler', McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II 67-0237 and GAF Canberra A84-236 (above) and many other artefacts including two larger pieces of GAF Lincolns - the starboard tail of one see to the left above.

This tag won't be removed before flight ever again, and there won't be any F-111s at Avalon this year.

The tails of retarded bombs as not used in anger by RAAF F-111s.


  1. Thank so much for this post. It's welcome news to hear about new exhibits or newly redone ones.

    Is that part of the tail of a B-24 in the picture of the Canberra? If so, is there a story to it?

    I'm also glad to see the F-111 found a home as it was such a remarkable aircraft in so many ways.

    Joe May
    Travel For Aircraft

  2. Thanks Joe! The tail isn't a B-24 but the much rarer Avro Lincoln, and there is indeed a 'tale behind the tail'; a sad one. Lincoln A73-64 crashed into Mount Superbus in 1955 on a mercy mission. Details can be found here: