Tuesday, February 8, 2011

DH Mosquito RR299

From the 'gone but not forgotten' file, I decided to dig out a selection of shots of the world's last flying Mosquito, RR299, G-ASKH as it was operated by British Aerospace.

It's remarkable to look back and think how we assumed it'd always be there.

As a kid (many years ago now) I was trudging seawards in some massive dunes at Braunton Burrows, North Devon, when, looking out to sea, the Mosquito came howling in from the sea and whammed overhead inland. I’ve seen this Mozzie on countless occasions and the tragic loss of her crew is still difficult to accept, but for me that’s what flying, not static aviation is all about. It was about 10sec total, but it’s unforgettable.

I was suddenly like a small boy in Holland, 1944.

Thanks for the memories.

It was lost in an accident which also tragically killed the pilot and engineer, this machine had been flown on the UK display scene for decades, and was almost being taken for granted - but a Mosquito in the air is not something you can overlook.

There's film of a very typical display at North Weald's Fighter Meet (as seen immediately above) here.

And we should see one, maybe two Mosquitoes return to the air in the next couple of years. More on them anon.

Meanwhile, ave atque vale, RR299.



  1. I was extremely fortunate (when Site Manager of the Science Museum, Wroughton) to play host to RR299 - and indeed, hangar this lovely machine, overnight. Needless to say, I took the opportunity to examine it, thoroughly, inside and out, and can confirm that access to the cockpit was a VERY tight squeeze. Thank goodness Mossie aircrew were much smaller than I was at the time!

    Thank you for a lovely entry

    Ross Sharp


  2. Thanks Ross! I recall that I attended the event when RR299 came to Wroughton, and a good friend of mine was one of the 'crowd conscript volunteers' who pushed it to help reposition it. A minor thing but a big deal to us. I'll see if I can find the photos from that day.

    Thanks for the link to your interesting blog.


  3. Dear James,

    Inspired by that event, and lots of other memoroes, I have joined with John Lilley, and 'a goodly body of men' (Air Chief Marshal Sir John Allison being our Patron) to form the People's Mosquito. We are dedicated to bring a Mosquito back to British skies.