Saturday, July 20, 2013

A British Airman's Remarkable Journey

This website (here) shows a wonderful selection of images of an RAF airman, Wing Commander Joseph Reginald Cyril Lane, who had a remarkable career, from initially maintaining aircraft, as a Cranwell-trained Fitter then remustering to fly, including for the (then) RAF's Fleet Air Arm on the Royal Navy's carriers, and after service in W.W.II even more interesting times.  The downloadable PDF story written up by his son, here, is well worth a read.

Here (reproduced with acknowledgement to the originator, his son, and website Maritime Quest) are a couple of the photographs that particularly caught my eye, and a couple I'll comment on.  But it's highly recommended that you go to the site and have a look through the lot.

 1927: A Sopwith Snipe (E6524) seen at RAF Cranwell. (All photos from the collection of Wing Commander Joseph R. C. Lane, R.A.F., via Chris Lane, on Maritime Quest.)

 Blackburn Blackburns of 449 (Fleet Spotter) Flight, HMS Furious.

A Blackburn Shark striking the superstructure of HMS Courageous.

June 6, 1947: W/Cdr Joe Lane (hands on hips) seen at Drigh Road airfield, Karachi, Pakistan.

1951: A Gloster Meteor (pilot S/Ldr George Devine) with a malfunctioning parachute during a test from RAE Farnborough.

I believe this is a test aircraft (note the 'P' prototype and camera possibly Martin Baker, with a dummy, early post-war ejection seat, possibly with a snagged parachute. More detail from a reader welcome!

Balbo Memorial at Castle Benito, Tripoli, Libya.

Fascinating item, from the location where the great Italian aviator Italo Balbo was shot down by friendly fire.

A great collection.

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  1. Thanks for this ... Balbo has gotten a bit short shrifted in regard to his contributions prior to World War II. Do you know if this is at Castel Benito as in the Tripoli airport? Perhaps which building? It is a remarkable piece. Travel for aircraft :)