Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hot Pup

At today's example of the RAAF Museum's thrice-weekly 'Interactives' I grabbed a couple of shots of the Museum's Sopwith Pup replica, and noticed a phenomenon I'd not observed before.

It was a warmish 33 degrees C, with very light winds (7kmh, according to the local weather station), and I think as a result of these conditions, the Pup became distorted in some odd details: close observation of the wheels in all of these photos and the fuselage roundels in the images above and below show that they're no longer the circles they are in reality, but look 'retouched'.

Strange! (I should add, for those that care about such things, that all three images are full frame and unretouched except for resizing and the copyright note. The lens was at 500mm.)

Nevertheless, it was a good day to see such are a rare machine in action, and the audience clearly enjoyed it.

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  1. James, there have been shows at Chino on hot dry days where every one of my long shots of a plane on or close to the runway showed this effect. Not a problem at the 2011 show though! It's largely a factor of the distance between you and the subject, which allows these effects to build up. Another reason to be one of those privileged press pass guys out in front of the crowd who can shoot with 100mm lenses instead of 500mm.