Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spi... Hurricane Women

While looking up other books at the State Library (SLV) I found this book and was amused to note that the overly specific title was contradicted by the back cover, where these Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) women are photographed next to a late mark Hawker Hurricane - one of the many other types they flew.

Another example of 'Spitfire Snobbery'


  1. Hi James

    Watched the doco of the same name on SBS on Friday night and, amid the various marks of Spitfires featured throughout (and footage and mention of Hurris), was somewhat dismayed to see/hear little mention of the bombers. To me, the girls delivering the bombers - solo or with an engineer - is more remarkable than delivering the fighters.

    I have the book on my shelf but, same old story, have yet to read it. Fair to say you chuck "Spitfire" on the cover and you're going to get more attention. As long as the full story is told, I can live with that.


  2. Thanks Andy, a fair summary there. The irony is that it was among a couple of books on the Soviet airwomen of W.W.II - no disrespect of the ATA women (and the always forgotten men) or the WASPs or America, but the Soviet women took their aircraft into combat; and, it seems very successfully as well. But detail of their account is scant in the west by comparison, and difficult to be sure of, due to Stalinist propaganda of the era. Perhaps if they'd flown lend-lease Spitfires?