Thursday, October 27, 2011

Aviation Journalist Insight

You may have wondered what it is like to be an aviation journalist, and interview a well known or respected aircraft engineer or restorer.

This video, from Franklin Poole of the Fort Worth Vintage Flying Museum is exactly like the interview experience. He is outlining how they have come up with some rather significant improvements, using a rare but important 1940s invention, for the Wright-Cyclone R1820-97 on their B-17G.

Improvements to the R-1820 Wright Cyclone engine (Turbo Encabulator) from Franklin Poole on Vimeo.

Having viewed the video, all you need do is write up your understanding of this magnificent achievement in no more than 500 words and by next Tuesday, and be prepared for any corrections sent in by the well-informed readers. And the not well informed ones too.

Should you find the material difficult to summarise accurately, further research will lead you to this video, and this web-page.

Whatever else you note, remember that side fumbling must be effectively prevented.

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