Saturday, December 26, 2009

Aircraft Vs Bear

Today's advice from the agony aunt is to ensure your aircraft doesn't smell of fish if you decide to leave it out in Alaska.

"Apparently a bear attacked this plane while parked in a remote field in Alaska The owner had not cleaned out the inside after a long fishing trip and the bear smelled it."

You know, I reckon a few bad words were said about here.

"So he had two new tires, three cases of Duct Tape and several rolls of cellophane flown in and then went about repairing the plane so he could fly it home."

"Gutsy to say the least. Truly an incredible use of Duct Tape."

Almost done - just add in the registration with a non-warterproof marker.

The unbeatable punchline to this - wait for it - is that the aircraft in question is a (Piper) Cub. Actually a Super Cub. Really.

(Passed on via e-mail by Lynne F.)

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