Sunday, November 8, 2009

Timelapse Aeroshell Square

If you've been, if you were there, if you want to go, or are just interested, this is worth a look.

It is a neat time-lapse film of the AeroShell Square at AirVenture, Oshkosh 2009. It was filmed from the new control tower at Wittman Regional Airport, courtesy of EAA's Photo Dept.

It all takes place (thunderstorms and world's biggest aircraft and all) in 3 minutes 33 seconds and definitely includes me, somewhere, as I spent quite a bit of time back and forth through the this heart of the EAA's AirVenture.

It is fun to try and work out when I passed through (some points were easy because of remembering the aircraft arrangements as I was there) and, with the movements of several of the world's largest aircraft (dwarfing at least one W.W.II bomber at the time - see if you spot it) this film also highlights in a nutshell the organisation that the Oshkosh show requires.

This is not a piece of instant-web-gratification. It's worth getting it to load properly and having a tea, coffee, or G&T or champagne to hand as preferred.


Thanks to Zack on WIX for the lead.

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  1. I definitely saw you, briefly albeit.